Subject: WC Indoor Snowkayak - 20 april 2007
The first World Championship Indoor Snowkayak was a really succes! 170 Gliders from 10 countries participated! To get an impression you can look at the pictures or movies made by some gliders! Also the results are online. The organisation want tho thank everybody who was participating and hopes that next year... will even be better!!!

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Subject: One week left!! - 24 march 2007
With more then 140 Gliders, a lot of snow and a big smile we almost enter the WC Indoor Snowkayak. Eight different nations in three categories, that promise a lot of fun and spectacle! So invite as many people as you can (free entrance!!), bring warm gloves with you and check your car before coming... and we see you @ the WC Indoor Snowkayak!
The registration is open till Wednesdaynight (28st), 20.00 hours! Don't Forget!

  Subject: World Champion wins a Fluid Solo!! - 7 march 2007
The best boat on the water and on the snow! At the World Championship Outdoor Snowkayaking the Fluid was one of the best kayaks! The winner of the World Championship Indoor Snowkayak will win a new Fluid Solo!!! A really good reason to subscribe yourself!
The Clarks!Subject: Band, The Clarks!! - 6 March 2007
At the party on Fridaynight "The Clarks" will be playing! That promise it's going to be a good party! Be there!

Movie BigAir

Subject: Test movie Big-Air SnowWorld Landgraaf - 6 march 2007
See here a test movie of the freestyle fun big-air in SnowWorld Landgraaf!

Gliders online!

Subject: Gliders online! - 6 march 2007
You wanna see who's in? Click here!

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Subject: Subscriptions - 24 febr. 2007
Already there are a lot of Dutch participants, a few from England and many Germans. Become a glider!
  Subject: Subscription started - 16 febr. 2007
The subscription is started! There is place for 200 Gliders. If you want to be one of them, subscribe now!! Its for everyone, not only for real paddlers, but for every-one!!

Subject: Website WK Indoor SnowKayak online - 15 febr. 2007
Finally its there, the website of the first World Championships Indoor SnowKayak is online. You can find all information, pictures and subscription on this website. Also pictures and movies of the WC SnowKayak in Lienz can you find here!

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