What is snowkayaking?
Snowkayaking, as you would figure, is to kayak in the snow. This is an upcoming funsport.
These days people organize more and more races and events. Here you see  the first official World Championship Outdoor SnowKayaking. Which led to a follow-up in Holland: the official World Championship Indoor SnowKayaking.


How the game works:
First, participants will find out in which heat to start through a draw. Every heat has four participants battling to get to the next round. After the start signal all four go down the 520 meter long prepared slope as fast as they can. Except slapping with the paddle everything else is allowed during the descent. The first two crossing the finishline will be racing again against the first two from a different heat. This will eventually lead to a winner, the world champion!
Who can join the World Championship Indoor SnowKayaking? Anyone!

Snowkayaking is just advanced sledge-riding, anyone can do it! All nationalities are most welcome. There is room for 200 competitors. We prefer as many nationalities as possible,  for this reason we have the right, if large groups from the same country wish to enter the game, to organise a pre-match to the World Championship.

The weekend:
Friday 30th of march 2007: meeting at 21.00hrs in SnowWorld Landgraaf. At the Apres-SnowKayak-bar will be the opening to the WC with drawing straws to find out who get to start in which heat and we’ll have a pre-party. There is space available in SnowWorld to crash, but bring your own sleepingbag and mattress. 
Saturday 31th of march 2007: free training 09.00hrs-10.30hrs at the slope to get to know the racetrack as often as you like. At 11.00hrs there is a business-run and at 13.00hrs the competition will start going on till around 17.00hrs.
Afterwards, the ceremonie will take place and dinner can be had at SnowWorld. Subsequently everybody can go to “Bergschenhoek”, Outdoor Valley, where the cold beers are waiting for you and the music is pumping for a hot party in the “Berghut”. Sunday April 1st will see the opening of the kayak season with the first competitions of the updated Teva Playboat Cup 2007!  
Friday             21.00 hrs              Start at SnowWorld Landgraaf
Fridaynight                                 The draw and party
Saturday         07.00 – 09.00 hrs   Breakfast
Saturday         08.00 – 10.30 hrs   Free practice
Saturday         11.00 – 16.00 hrs   WC Indoor Snowkayak
Saturday         16.00 – 17.00 hrs   Business-run
Saturday         17.00 hrs              Ceremonie
Saturday         17.30 – 19.00 hrs   Possibility for dinner
Saturday         21.00 hrs              Start of the Outdoor Valley party
Sunday                                      Opening Kayak season, Teva Playboat Cup 2007 at the Kanoshop Outdoor Valley

- Men/Women Junior: 14 - 17 years
- Men Senior: 18 > years
- Women Senior: 18 > years

Minimum age: 14 years.

Participation fee on the World Championship Indoor Snowkayak 2007 is € 15,-. This will also cover the overnight stay (bring your own sleepmatrass and sleeping bag with you) and breakfast on Saturday morning. If you don’t bring your own kayak, you can rent one from Kanoshop. The costs for rent are € 10,- and this will also include a helmet, paddle and lifejacket.

-         A kayak is not allowed to exceed the 3 metres length
-         Kayak and paddle are not allowed to be converted
-         Every contestant is obliged to wear a lifejacket or body protection
-         Every contestant is obliged to wear a helmet
-         If you fail to be present before the start of your heat, you’re out!
-         Every contestant states a declaration of participating at their own risk
-         Every contestant is obliged to pay the competition fees before commencement on the track
-         If there are too little rental kayaks available, they will have to be circulated
-         If you are a contestant from the Netherlands your own insurance policy will be sufficient. If though you are a foreign contestant you will need a travel insurance.
-         The register for participation on the WC will be open TILL 26 March 2007 (dependant on the number of subscriptions)
-         Take as many supporters as you can. They are welcome for the whole weekend.
Clothing advice:
-         Ski/snowboard pants
-         Warm jacket
-         Gloves (obligatory!)
-         Cap and shawl
-         Advice for publice, you really need gloves and caps! The hall has a degree of -6. Brrr...

The event:
The World Championship Indoor SnowKayak is organised by the “Kanoshop Holland” and Snowworld Landgraaf. The dates are 30 and 31 March 2007 in Landgraaf, the Netherlands. On 30 March is the draw and on 31 March are the competitions. Subsequently on April fools day, the opening of the kayak season will take place at the Kanoshop Outdoor Valley. The first competitons of the Teva Playboat Cup 2007. All in all an exciting weekend!

SnowWorld Landgraaf, the Netherlands.

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